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Arkle on reflection
Arkle Illuminated
Arkle Golden Light
The magnificent Arkle overlooking Loch Stack is made up of glistening white Cambrian quartzite, laid down around 530 million years ago on an uneven basement of much older Lewisian gneiss.
Stac Pollaidh from Loch Lurgainn
Stac Pollaidh reflection from Loch Lurgainn
Old Bridge with Autumn colours
Glen Strathfarrer Calm before the storm
Glen Strathfarrer Storm Brewing
Glen Strathfarrer Light Painting
Undeterred by the imminent storm heading my way, I endured the wind whistling down the glen in the hope the light would break through the clouds to illuminate the landscape before me.
Glen Strathfarrer Autumn Textures
Achnahaird Beach
Loch Mullardoch Reflected
Whitewell, Upper Tullochgrue, Rothiemurchus
Findhorn Valley
The Findhorn Valley is a beautiful location, full of flora and fauna and landscapes waiting to be taken. Which I am finally getting round to taking and currently enjoying experimenting in mono.
Findhorn Valley Rainbow
I was all ready to have a walk up to the top of the hills when I was stopped in my tracks when I heard a clap of thunder and saw a flash of lightening just over the hill and I thought that was too close for comfort. I waited to see which direction the storm was heading when a full rainbow suddenly appeared in front of me and the sun broke through the clouds to illuminate the hillside and trees for a few seconds. I had the camera already in my hands so I took a quick shot handheld. Thankfully the storm was heading away from me but chose not to head to the top of the hill in case another lightening storm approached.
Findhorn Valley Storm Brewing

After having a walk to the top of the hills, I came back down to have a rest and enjoy the blue skies and warm sunshine but typically it did not last.  The storm clouds were amazing, I had hoped the storm would pass us by but oh no, absolutely poured down and was on for the rest of the afternoon. 

Farr Sunset
It was a beautiful, warm, still evening. On the drive home we could see the sun was breaking through the clouds and created an amazing Jacobs Ladder. Quickly stopped the car to compose my shot. I love the layering effect leading your eye through the image.
Storm Brewing

Sometimes when the weather is not great for shooting landscapes in colour it's perfect for mono. I just love the clouds in this image adds a bit of drama to the sky.

mountain hare 106
mountain hare 107
Mountain Hare leveret sitting in the heather
This little leveret was jumping about the heather and was very hard to see as they are so well camouflaged in amongst the heather. Looks rather pretty in pink.