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Findhorn Valley in Winter
Red Deer trying to find food
The red deer are struggling to find food due to the amount of snow this winter and have to dig through the snow to get at any food.
Findhorn Valley in the warm winter light
On an unusual windless day in the Findhorn Valley, I took advantage and had a rest to enjoy the warm winter sun and soak up the stunning views in the surrounding hillsides.
Red Grouse enduring the spin drift
Mountain Hare resting in the winter afternoon sun
Robin perched on snow covered branch in heavy snow
Mountain Hare enjoying the warm winter sun
lochan na h achlaise and the black mount mountain range rannoch moor near glencoe 15
Red Squirrel Hanging about in the snow
lochan na h achlaise and the black mount mountain range rannoch moor near glencoe 14
Crested Tit in the warm winter light
The unusual background colour was as a result of the shadow cast on a snow patch in the forest. The Crested Tit and foreground tree were taken in direct sunlight.
mountain hare 111
Arkle from Loch Stack
Crested Tit in warm winter light
Lighthouse in the warm dawn light
Red Squirrel poised on branch
Mountain Hare in the landscape
Lochan na h Achlaise and the Black Mount mountain range
Crested tit in the snow
As snow was forecast, I decided to visit my feeding station to photograph the cresties in the snow.
Shorebirds caught in the wave
The purple sandpipers and ringed plovers were having a rest on the harbour wall, rather than fly away when a wave came crashing in they would jump up over it instead.
Lighthouse Stormy sky
Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie
Glen Cannich Pot of Gold
Oldshoremore Bay, Sutherland