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Long and Winding Road
Autumn Colour Splendour
ptarmigan 102
ptarmigan 101
Aurora Borealis, nr Inverness 07/10/15 11.25pm
Although I have lived in the Highlands all my life, this was the first time I had seen the Aurora Borealis. As I had wanted to see it for a very long time, it was very special to finally experience it and look forward to the next time.
mountain hare leveret in the heather
mountain hare resting in the warm evening sunlight
gannet 57
gannet sunset
ptarmigan 100
red squirrel eating in the heather 2
osprey 39
osprey 38
puffin 42
Gannets and Sea Thrift at Troup Head
Puffin 41
Puffin 40
Puffin 39
Puffin 38
Clashnessie Waterfall
Lighthouse in warm spring light
April Snow Sunset
gannet 55
gannet 53