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Juvenile Gannet
Female Ptarmigan with chick
Red Grouse in heather in warm evening light
Mountain Hare in warm evening light
Curious puffin
Arctic Tern with sandeel
Shag resting
Stonechat with mouthful of food
Great Skua
Gannet peering up the cliff face
Fulmar with Sea Thrift
Puffin in Portrait
Dotterel looking for a mate
Ptarmigan enjoying the view
Glen Cannich
I just love this viewpoint, unfortunately I missed the breaks in the clouds that illuminated the landscape as a snow shower was making it's way towards me, so decided on a black and white image instead.
red squirrel perched on the tree
Chimney on Fire
Literally taken from my front garden. When sitting at the computer processing images, looking out the front window I could see amazing cloud formations were forming and the light was just fantastic, grabbed the camera and ran out the front door to an unbelievable sight. It looked like a fire in the sky with the smoke rising. With that I quickly chose the chimney stack from the next block as the most appropriate composition as the light was changing fast. Which I thought was quite amusing.
buachaille etive mor glen etive
Male Ptarmigan calling
Red Squirrel looking on curiously
Winter light on the River Findhorn
View down the Findhorn Valley in winter afternoon light
Crested Tit perched on snow covered pine tree
Red Deer Stag in the snow