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Long Tailed Tit hiding in the shadows
Crested Tit on snow covered pine tree
Blue Tit in the spotlight
Coal Tits You looking at me
Calm evening light at Sangobeg Sands
Balnakeil Turquoise Green
The Kyle of Durness lies directly west of Balnakeil which gives its name to the 2-mile-wide Balnakeil Bay which the Kyle opens into. The peninsula of Faraid Head is directly to the north of Balnakeil.
Snow covered Quinag
Quinag boasts three separate Corbett summits – Sàil Ghorm, Sàil Gharbh and Spidean Coinich. Quinag presents a formidable sight with its two huge buttresses of Sàil Gharbh and Sàil Ghorm dominating the skyline.
Ben Loyal with dusting of snow
Ben Loyal is composed mainly of granite, and has a distinctive shape due to the four rocky peaks. It is a Corbett located south of the Kyle of Tongue and offers good views of the Kyle, Loch Loyal to the east, and Ben Hope to the west.
Evening storm approaching at Balnakeil
Morning Blues at Sango Bay
Pre dawn light at Kyle of Durness
First light hitting Sangobeg
Mountain Hare resting in the heather
This mountain hare was enjoying it's daytime rest in the warmth of the winter sun.
Mountain Hare exposed
This image clearly shows the mountain hare badly exposed in the landscape, such an easy target for passing birds of prey.
Female ptarmigan resting in the winter sun
This stunning female ptarmigan in her full winter plumage was struggling to find access to the heather to eat after an overnight heavy snowfall.
Male ptarmigan taking in the views
This male ptarmigan was keeping an eye on other male ptarmigan coming into it's territory. Which made for a beautiful habitat image.
Waxwing eating pink berries
It is quite difficult to isolate a single bird as they approach a tree to feed in numbers of about 20-30. And no sooner they are on the tree and you select the bird to photograph then focus and their off.
Waxwings perched on the treetops
It is like a scene out of Africa, not what you would expect to see in Scotland. The image was taken at the last gasp of warm afternoon light before the sun set. When in such a large group they are very noisy birds communicating with each other constantly. Absolutely fascinating sound and an amazing sight.
Waxwing taking a dive whilst eating
Waxwings are incredibly agile birds getting themselves into so many different angles. They grab the berries quickly as they tend not to stay on tree they feed on for long and it seems to be safety in numbers. Some would keep an eye out for aerial threats whilst the others fed.
Waxwings on sticks
Waxwings sit in the high treetops in large numbers and break off into smaller groups to feed on the berries. They are constantly checking for any aerial attacks from birds of prey and potential berry laden trees to gorge themselves on.
Bridge over calm water
Autumn Colour Alight
Storm Brewing
Stunning Autumn Colours of Glen Affric

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