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This gallery contains images taken from my forest hide, located near where I live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.  When searching for a suitable location for the hide, it was important to me that it offered photographic opportunities of the forest inhabitants in as natural setting as possible.  By having my own hide has allowed me to study the behaviour and characteristics of each species, which has given me a better understanding of each subject, which I hope comes across in my images.

red squirrel 93
red squirrel eating in the heather 2
Red Squirrel eating in amongst the heather
This little red squirrel was not wanting to hang about and filled his mouth with as much food as possible to cache away when food is more scarce in winter.
red squirrel 77
treecreeper 17
Red Squirrel Hanging about in the snow
Red Squirrel poised on branch