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Bamburgh Castle 1
Bamburgh Castle 2
Budle Bay Northumberland
Bow Fiddle Rock 4
Bow Fiddle Rock 3
Bow Fiddle Rock 2
Bow Fiddle Rock 1
Hilton of Cadboll 3
Hilton of Cadboll 2
Hilton of Cadboll 1
Mull 2
Mull 1
Achnahaird Bay 3
Achnahaird Bay 2
Achnahaird Bay 1
bempton cliffs yorkshire 1
bempton cliffs yorkshire 2
bempton cliffs yorkshire 3
bempton cliffs yorkshire 4
bempton cliffs yorkshire 5
Crovie is a lovely little village near to where I photograph the Gannets at Troup Head nr Pennan. The village is just a row of houses that stretches along the coastline for another 100mtrs behind me. It is well worth a visit to this beautiful coastline.
troup head aberdeenshire
Lighthouse in warm spring light
Achnahaird Beach
Oldshoremore Bay, Sutherland
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Lighthouse in the warm dawn light