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Gannet leaping out of the darkness
The gannets give you warning when they are coming into land with their call but even although they are one of our largest seabirds, it still happens so fast. This was taken in the last of the evening light which threw the background into darkness.
Gannet getting ready for take off
The sun had just gone behind a cloud and put the group of gannets into darkness. I noticed one gannet was preparing itself for take off and I hoped the sun would break through to illuminate the gannets head like a shining beacon.
Gannet enjoying the evening sunshine
I was approaching the edge of the cliff and peered over the ledge and noticed a gannet fairly close, I grabbed the camera as the light was beautifully illuminating it. I waited for it to make eye contact with me in order for the light to catch their brilliant piercing blue eyes.
Gannet coming into land
Gannets are such beautiful, elegant birds but their approach to land is quite comical but it takes precision timing for such a large bird to land.
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gannet 57
Juvenile Gannet
Gannet peering up the cliff face
gannet sunset
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