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2013 Category Winner - Habitat

Red Deer Stags Enduring the Blizzard

I wanted to capture the harsh conditions that Red Deer endure during the winter in the Scottish Highlands.  I carefully stalked a group of stags trying to take shelter from the blizzard. The stag that is shaking the worst of the sleet from it's coat caught my attention.  Shortly after this image was taken the weather took a turn for the worse and visibility reduced to almost zero. I have the utmost respect for these magnificent mammals.

2013 Highly Commended - Animal Behaviour

Red Grouse Taking off in the snow

Conditions in the Cairngorms were bleak with low cloud and heavy snow.  I was on my way to photograph ptarmigan when I found this grouse en route.  In snowy conditions the red grouse becomes an easy target for passing birds of prey.  This fellow allowed me to capture this image before flying away to chase another male. 

2014 Highly Commended - Animal behaviour

Dancing Razorbill

When visiting the Farne Islands the main species I want to photograph is my favourite seabird, the puffin.  This time I decided to tear myself away from puffins and concentrate on some of the other birds that breed on the island.  I was photographing guillemots when I noticed this razorbill lining up it's approach to land.  There was little wind so it was a bit of a crash landing